Liberty Socks | 1776 Collection | FDR
Liberty & The Pursuit Of Happiness
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A Tribute to Franklin D. Roosevelt


The 32 stripes symbolize his place in history as the 32nd president, and 12 (total) donkeys symbolize his 12 years in office. The color blue and facing direction (to the wearers left) symbolize the liberal political stance of the Democratic Party. The 7 anchors symbolize his 7 years as assistant secretary of the Navy. The 3 red stripes symbolize his 3 years as governor of New York, and 2 (total) bronze stars symbolize his 2 years as a New York senator.

Details & Care

Made in the USA

78% Cotton, 18% Nylon, 3% Spandex, 1% Elastic

Care: Machine wash cool, inside out, tumble dry, do not bleach

Fit: Men's shoe sizes 6-13

Liberty Socks | 1776 Collection | FDR

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